Escape from Egypt

Since President Morsi was removed from office Syrian refugees have encountered a lot of problems. Many try to escape Egypt across the Mediterranean or have been forcefully deported back to Syria


Bedoon" The word is from the Arabic phrase "bedoon jinsiyya," literally meaning either "without nationality" or "without citizenship."Although many of the Bedoons are of Bedouin origin, most of them have long settled in the urban centers of Kuwait, Bedoon

Egyptian revolution

When I was young I woke up and found the people in my country make the revolution.


George, a middle class 27 year old IT instructor is a recluse who keeps interaction with people to a bare minimum. He only opens one window of three in his bedroom where he sleeps more than 12 hours a day.

Hot decamber

photography project Cream Fi Gleem'' -''Ice The final outcome is a result of the influence of the Egyptian film ''Ice-Cream Fi Gleem'' its characters, its details whether directly or indirectly,


This album documents and celebrates the workers and trades people of many cites around Egypt, few remaining working class neighborhoods where many still make a living in small shops and factories, or repairing automobiles.


My family house is ugly and cold and remind me many of bad memories I hate to visit this house and I hate to remember and visit it. many questions need to answer and many memories cannot bury.